Hello all,
I have a few questions, about migrating content manager Database from 7.2 -> 8.1
Currently I have a production system running:
- Content Manager 8.2 (FP2)
- TIE 7.2
- Eclient 8.2 (FP2)
- UDB 7.2 (FP10a)
- EIP 8.2 (FP2)
- WAS 4.0

I have set up a test machine, with the following products.

- Content Manager 8.2 FP8
- DB2 UDB 8.1 FP6
- II4C 8.2 FP8
- WAS 5.0
- NSE 8.2 FP4

I created an offline backup of ICMNLSDB and RMDB, and have restored the backups onto the test system and migrated to the new release of DB2. The installation paths, passwords and host are different from the production machine, I have modified the following tables changing the relevant information, RMACESS, RMSERVER, VOL_MOUNTPOINT, ICMSTRESOURCEMGR, PATHICMROOT, ICMSTSYSCONTROL. rebinded ICMNLSDB database with C:\Program Files\IBM\CM82\CONF\icmbindlsdb.bat and recreated acl's with db2 icmpcacl. When I try recreate the access modules with TRebuildCompTypeICM I get the following error:

*** errorLoggingOnToServer
lRC = 7015
lReason = 0
lExtRC = -818
lExtReason = 0

This is where I'm pretty much stuck, the CM8.2 Admin client exits with the same error. Has anyone ecounted this problem? As you can tell by now, my experience with databases is close to none any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.