We have Sybase running on a DEC Alpha 4.0 with EMC Symmetrix on SAN. We recently got another DEC Alpha with a large drive space as a backup box .
I copied a database dump of 35GB from the EMC to the local drives of the new DEC box, and tried to load it after Creating a database for load. The load performance is extremely slow, taking 24 hours to load 3GB, where as it was taking 2 hours to do so on the original DEC.

I increased shared memory segments to 128 from the default value of 32, but no improvement whatsover. Backup Server goes into sleepmode soon after loading the first 38MB. The process status of the two sybmultbuf processes becomes I and U indicating permanent sleep, whereas on the original DEC, one process is always in S state throughout the load process.

Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this problem.