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    Unanswered: DB2 client - server connection error


    I just installed DB2 V8.2 on AIX, and created the sample database. There is no problem to connect to the database from local server, but after I cataloged it from the client and try to access the database, I got the following error:
    [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30082N Attempt to establish connection
    failed with security reason "1" ("PASSWORD EXPIRED").

    I am using the same user name and password on the server to access the DB, it works. Why it's not working when I access it from a WindowsXP client?

    I used following command to catalog:

    catalog tcpip node db2node remote server 50000 remote_instance db2inst1

    catalog database sample as mysample at node db2node authentication server


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    how do you connect ?

    Do you connect like:
    connect to sample user <user_name> using <password> ?

    Did you try on AIX after this message to see whether it works with the
    same password or Asking for the password change if password is expired ?

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    problem solved

    Thanks ...

    The problem is solved. after we run the db2lic command with the licence file, then it works.

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