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    Unanswered: Access 2k Report CanGrow displays each item on new page

    I have a report which displays the steps in a process.

    The data is very simple and looks something like:
    ProcessID StepID StepText

    The report is very simple, being grouped on processid, and all I want to display in the detail is the stepid and steptext

    The problem I have is that the steptext is (obviously) of varying length, so I set the cangrow property of the textbox to yes to ensure that the textbox control would resize vertically to fit all of the text. When I do this, I find that every step is now at the top of a new page, which is not what I want.

    If I set the cangrow property to no, then they are all listed on the one page, but then I can't guarantee that there is enough space to display the entire step.

    Am I missing something here?

    I have coloured the background of the text box so I can see where it starts/ends, and it seems to stretch the entire length of the page, rather than just the size of the text.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!!
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    Don't worry - I've got this sorted....I realised that the field that I was binding to was actually a char(3000) field, not a varchar, and so it was always 3000 chars long as the sql server back end pads char fields to the full length.

    Apologies for my stupidity. I would delete the post, but I'm not sure how...

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