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    Question Unanswered: SQL Server, php 4, freeTDS & performance

    Hi there,

    We are currently exploring the possibility of migrating from mysql to Microsoft SQL Server. The reason for the move is to make use of the extra functionality.

    We have migrated a website which was running on mysql to SQL Server using the freeTDS library. We have noticed a considerable increase in the time it takes to execute the pages.

    One particular heavy page has gone from 0.16566 sec execution time in mysql to 1.52923 sec in SQL Server. A 10 fold increase.

    I understand that mysql is faster than SQL Server but I would not have expected such a large change.

    We are looking to have about 100 sites working with this configuration, and these performace decreases are concerning.

    Reading the freeTDS FAQ
    describes a strict one-query-at-a-time limitation and a further limitation in php creating new connections.

    • Is anyone using PHP and SQL Server together in a demanding environment? Do they work together well?
    • Is it just a case that we need to optomize the new database?
    • Is freeTDS the only/right solution for the job?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    We are running a redhat 8 system with apache2, php4.3.9 and freetds0.62.4. I connect to MSSQL 2000 on a windows 2000 server.
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