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    Exclamation Unanswered: JSP-Tomcat-MySql help!

    Currently i am trying out JSP-tomcat-MySQL for my web application.
    Somehow i encountered errors
    javax.servlet.ServletException: Communication link failure:, underlying cause: null

    PLs help me to sort it out..thank u!

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    My guess this is a connection error due to the maximum time MySQL will allow an idle connection to exist. Check the 'wait_timeout' value of the 'show variables' command; this will be the number of seconds an open connection can exist before being implicitly closed by MySQL. You can increase this value to stop MySQL closing old connections.

    If you are using a connection pooling architecture look at your pooling documentation for a similar value to recycle pooling connections. Juggling the timout values for both these should do the trick.
    Keith Brownlow
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