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    Who writes those intros?

    DB2 (10 Viewing)
    DB2 is IBM's offering to the highend database market. The latest version of DB2 (Universal Database) is ideal for OLTP, Data Warehousing, Decision Support and everything in between. It's well priced, extremely scalable and runs on virtually every platform out there from handhelds to mainframes.


    Microsoft SQL Server (31 Viewing)
    SQL Server is Microsoft's entry to the database server market. SQL Server is very easy to manage and comes with a built in OLAP engine. It has good support for web enabled applications and other Microsft products. SQL Server only runs on the Windows platform.
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    Well, IBMers need something to do w/ their time... How long before they sell DB2 to a Chinese company? I doubt there are any technology restrictions on that.
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