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    Unanswered: Problem with ADP - Recordset Not Updateable

    I am having a problem in an ADP project - when I create a view where I join a table to a view that has calculations, I cannot update the resulting recordset.

    Please see the attached .zip file - it contains 2 images

    first, I created a view that groups the stockID field and sums the number received - "viewReceived" - see pic "received.jpg" this calculates the number of each items received.

    then I created a view that links tblStock to this view in order to show stock data, including the number received for each item - "view1" see pic "receivedb.jpg"

    I need to show stock details, including the number received in a datasheet form, and be able to edit data in the stock table "tblStock", but when I join the 2 views, it creates a recordset that is not updateable.

    I have the form (datasheet) properties set to Updateable Snapshot, and the unique table se to tblStock.

    Any help is appreciated - AB
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