I'm having a problem where records seem to be being deleted for no reason.

Our customers records are kept in a main file - "customers". When a user wants to view the customer's record, a single record is imported into a separate file called customer inquiry. Transactions for the customer are imported from our transactions file into a clone used only for inquiry and some reports. These transaction records are displayed in a portal in the customer inquiry file.

Lately, and only on occasion, when a user is viewing customer information in the inquiry file, the record disappears - the layout remains, but there is no data. The users are not navigating away from the records as they are no longer in the Inquiry file. This doesn't harm our underlying customer file, since only a copy of the record is imported into Inquiry, but it's an annoyance.

The same thing has occurred with the transaction records being imported from the Transactions file into the Transactions Inquiry file. The user can be viewing the screen when, suddenly it will go blank (and the records are deleted).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Oh, we are using FM 5.5/Developer 5 and Server 5.