Im using a continuous form for a list of values. I'm using a label in the forms detail section as a button with the onclick event action to activate another form and put the value from the selected record in a textbox on the target form. The problem is making sure the value is from the row of the label/button the user clicks. For example if record number 10 is selected, and the user clicks the label on record 5, Me.fieldName in the code returns the value of record 10. If the button on record 5 is clicked I want to pass the value from record 5. Any ideas? here's what I have.
Private Sub lblUseFile_Click()
 Dim strName As String
 strName = Me.FileID
 frmname = "frmPartsDB"
 Me.Tag = strName
 If fIsLoaded(frmname) Then
   Me.Tag = Me.FileID
   With Forms(frmname)
      ![3161Number] = Me.FileID
   End With
 End If
End Sub