Hi All,

I wanted to know whether Java provides any API to pull up each and every permission associated with a file.

For example: In Unix, a file has 3 sets of permissions as shown below:

<UserPermissions><GroupPermissions><Others'Permiss ions>

Example: -rwxrwxrwx

There are some methods provided in java.io.File, such as canRead() and canWrite(), which help in telling whether a file is readable or writable. But I did not find any API which tells whether a file is 'executable'. Also, I presume the methods above pull up the permissions pertaining to the owner of the file, but not for the group and others part of a Unix File's permissions.

Is there a way to pull up the read/write/executable permissions for all the 3 catergories namely, UserPermissions, GroupPermissions and Others'Permissions.

I appreciate your note on this and appreciate your time too.