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    Unanswered: Passing IN() values as parameter


    I'm creating a procedure to fetch rows from table. One field will come come as IN(). Its the condition. That field is numeric field (note down), i would like to pass the In values as parameter.

    eg: procedurename @fieldvalue varchar(100)

    WHERE fieldname IN(@fieldvalue)

    while executing the procedure how to pass the value... or procedure itself has problem...?
    Help me...

    Tx in Advance...

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    Once again dynamic SQL seems to be the deal here, unless a more complete description of the problem is available.
    The thing here is that you cannot do a procedure that works in the way you describe without using dynamic SQL, because of the datatype clash.

    Your IN clause wants to do comparisons with integers, and therefore your argument to the procedure will never be able to work unless you convert your values in the fieldvalue variable to a string which you add to the the last part of your existing query, and execute it with dynamic SQL. I cannot judge whether this is the right decision to do in your particular case without more information about the problem. Hope I got your thinking going atleast ...
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    In your procedure, parse the parameter into a temp table. Join your temp table to the production table to limit the result set. Works every time, and often runs much faster than the dynamic SQL solution.


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