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Thread: Can't Delete

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    Can't Delete

    Sorry but i didnt know where to put this thread, well over the year i have more then once encountered the problem wehn i upload something something on server and after usually after chmoding i cant delte one one or more folders, my firend told me to search on my ftp uploader for an option that allows deletion of empty folders but i am using Cute FTP PRo 6.0 and there isnt a option like that, can somebody help me or at least suggest a program with witch this would be possible

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    YOur question doesn't pertain to databases in any way so I would suggest looking for another area within this website or on a website that would handle questions on file deletions etc. You might also want to specify what OS you are using. If you are chmodding i would guess a UNIX flavour. In which case go to your command line and remove the offending folder using a rm -Rf foldername
    that will remove the folder and anything inside it. If it doesn't then surround the foldername in quotes, but after the first quote type the first few letters and hit tab before setting your second quote. You may find that there is a space at the end of the foldername.

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