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    Arrow Unanswered: database and log backup

    i set up database plan with database backup and log backup

    It does the database backup (1 am) while fails
    log backup set (at 10 am and 2 pm) when every one is using the database

    it as error as
    Backup can not be performed on this database. This sub task is ignored

    when i check event log
    event property
    SQL Server scheduled job 'Transaction log Backup Job for DB Main Plan1
    status failed Invoked on 2005-02-16 10.00.01 Message the job failed.
    The Job was invoked by schdeule 14( schedule 1) the last step to run was
    step1 (step1)

    Its not a right issue since only one part fails

    The only differenct is that i set log backup to be in subfolder of sqlbackup !

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    User database or system database?

    Database recovery mode?

    Steps taken to troubleshoot on your own?

    Searched BOL and Knowledgebase?

    Try this for starters ...;en-us;303229

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