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    Unanswered: Informix Error 229

    Hi ,

    Please let me know the solution. whenever i run a select query i get the error 229. when i found the error it described as mentioned below. i did check /tmp folder and it has got the write permissions for the user that i am trieng with and also the Nfile size is 60,000. So please help me

    "-229 Could not open or create a temporary file.

    The database server cannot create a temporary disk file. The file
    should be created in the directory that the DBTEMP environment variable
    specifies (or /tmp by default on UNIX systems). Check the accompanying
    ISAM error code and look for operating-system error messages that
    might give more information. Possibly your account does not have write
    permission in that directory, or the disk is full. Since Version 5.01,
    the INFORMIX-SE database server uses the DBTEMP environment variable,
    but Informix Dynamic Server and INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server do not.

    On a UNIX system, try increasing the maximum number of open files
    (NFILES parameter on some systems) to approximately 400."

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    What Version of Informix are you running?

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    Unless this is SE the temp file is not /tmp it would be the dbspace in your environment for DBSPACETEMP. See how much space you have there its usally raw space so your DBA would have to tell ya

    Jeff Wain

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    Hi Thanks for your suggestions after monitoring closely i could find when running the query it was consuming the complete dbspace so it was giving the error.

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