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    Question Unanswered: problem accessing anouther server from SP

    I have a stored procedure that is running on SERVER1

    it uses xp_cmdshell to access a folder on anouther server SERVER2
    read any and all text files in the folder and if there are files import them
    into table.

    everything is working when files are on local drive, when I try using the folder on the SERVER2 I get access denied msg.

    I have tried everything :
    Seting proxy,
    changing the login user for services
    maping the drive

    NOTHING works

    the servers are as folow :

    SERVER1 : is win 2003 with no domain (workgroup)
    SERVER2 : is Win 2000 with no domain (workgroup)

    I have a shared folder on SERVER2 with alow permision for everyone set
    I can access this folder through everything except SQL SP.

    Any one have any ideas???

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    Please post the SP. I'd like to take a look.

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