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    Unanswered: Simple item tracking calculation!

    Please can someone help! I am a fairly novice Filemaker user but can get myself by on certain things! This is my problem.

    My wife may start to sell 'greeting cards' from home - and needs a database to 'track' the cards. She will buy say, '100' cards of 1 style, 50 cards of another an so forth. She will then sell onto clients. I need to keep a track of how many sold and how many left in the 'store cupboard' - but for her to add say another 50 cards to style 1, two weeks later. So in total it would be 150 - but it still needs to give her a figure of how many are left in the 'store cupboard'.

    I have 3 files. Clients. Store cupboard and Order page. She needs to be able to see the store cupboard number in the 'order page' - so when taking an order she knows if it's available. The calculations seems hard for this one??!! WOuld appreciate as much help as possible - thanks Jason

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    Glad to help. Post a sample.

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