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    Question Unanswered: But INFORMIXSERVER DOES match either DBSERVERNAME or DBSERVERALIASES!!?!

    i've installed clientsdk.2.81.UC3 on redhat fedora, trying to connect to a remote informix ids 7.3 db on sco unix.

    this is driving me nuts! when i try to connect, i'm getting a 761 error: INFORMIXSERVER does not match either DBSERVERNAME or DBSERVERALIASES.


    my sqlhosts file has:
    server_name onsoctcp <ip address here> <port number here>

    the onconfig file has:
    DBSERVERNAME server_name # Name of default database server

    what's going on here? i am in dire need of an informix guru's assistance!

    as a related problem: the ultimate goal is to be able to connect to multiple remote informix databases from php running on apache. unfortunately, each of these databases uses the same DBSERVERNAME. (and i'm having the above problem with each.) i can only make one entry in sqlhosts with that server name. is there any way around this without modifying DBSERVERALIASES on the remove machines?

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    Do you a sqlhosts file setup on both servers (the fedora and the sco)? Also do you have an entry in /etc/services specifying the port number?

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