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    Unanswered: LISTBOX shows result, but ends up null

    I have a listbox that is based off of a combobox, querying another table, and it shows me the correct results. However, the problem lies when I try to use the value the query returned. It keeps saying that the field is null..suggestions?

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    Remember that it is a list box not a textbox.
    A list box is a great way to show fields in a table or the results of a query off a table.
    However because it is a listbox the value property will always be null untill
    the content is selected. You could issue a select on the row you want or you can just use the collumn property lstbox.column(x,x) You have to determine which row and column has the data you want and the values start at 0 not 1. The column property will always bring up the data even though the value property may be null - no selection of the field means no value.

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