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    Question Unanswered: Resizing a picture to display as a preview

    I am using access 2002 and I have managed to dynamically populate a list box with the names of all the photos taken of any particular job that is selected. Then, I have it so clicking on one of these photos' names will assign the photo to the .picture property of an image control. The problem is that the original images are 1800 X 1200 and anywhere from 300 to 500 kb. The image looks just terrible on the control. What I am wondering is, does anyone know of a way to programatically dumb down the image to make it more like a thumbnail?I just need it good looking enough for the user to determine if the chosen photo is one that they want to pop open outside of Access. Right now it's just this side of a ghost image. Thank you in advance for your time and responses.

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    Try setting the "Size Mode" property of the Image Control to "Zoom". This will make the picture fit in whatever size the control is.

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