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    Exclamation Unanswered: open desired files from matlab (urgent)

    hello guys out there

    i have a problem that i all can help me with...

    i need to open excel files under matlab for plotting purposes... hmm currently wat i can do is to use..

    x= xlsread('filename')

    but the file name is already there.. ... suppose i want to open from the various drives.. with different names.. hmm how am i suppose to do that...

    hmm hope all can help me out here....

    thanks for any help...


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    Could you open the file as a text file and read the variables that way?
    i dont know the structure of matlab so sorry i cant be of any more help
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    use the filesystem object to define the drives, paths and file types you need.

    I don't do much VBA in excel but you can control things in Access quite easily and Access VBA is very very close to Excel VBA.

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