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    Unanswered: Search function help needed

    How can i make a search page for my website using vbscript asp. I have a few tables in my access database like ADMIN, CLIENTADS, FORUM. Then display it as a link?

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    What you want to do is a little more involved than giving you a quick answer here. I would suggest you go to some of the ASP script sites like or and see if you can find something free that either does something close to want, or at least can serve as a reference for you as you create your own.


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    Or for a "quick and dirty" generic ASP open source solution to putting databases on the Web (often works well for the admin area of a Web site which doesn't need to look too unique) that just requires setting up a configuration page for each table or query and uploading the database to the Web as long as there is an autonumber field in each table (and you'll probably also separately want to create login capabilities), perhaps try something like this:
    GenericDB by Eli Robillard and then click on the Tips link to see an example
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