I am a developer for a mid sized motorcycle parts distributor, I have been given the task of creating a new web presence for this company, and have been beating my head against a wall trying to work with the uniVerse database we have. It is very difficult to find documentarion/examples of using this product with visual basic 6. I have tried using some code from a pdf you put out (UniObjects Developers Guide version 10.0,from the ibm website) and it does not work. Here is my code:
Set WebContentFile = uvSess.OpenFile("NAV")
Set theList = uvSess.SelectList(0)

theList.Select WebContentFile

nextOne = theList.Next

Debug.Print Chr(13) & Chr(13)
Debug.Print "######################" & Chr(13) & "the list.next first:" & theList.Next

Do While Not (theList.LastRecordRead)

counter = counter + 1

If uvSess.Error <> 0 Then
Debug.Print "error here: " & uvSess.Error
Exit Function
Debug.Print "no file error"
End If

WebContentFile.RecordId = nextOne
Debug.Print "nextone = " & nextOne

Debug.Print "f_len = " & f_len
WebContentFile.ReadField ("1")
inner_part = inner_part & WebContentFile.Record
get_nav = "<font face='tahoma' size='2'>" & LCase(inner_part) & "</font>"
' If Not theList.LastRecordRead Then

Debug.Print "counter inner = " & counter
Debug.Print "the list.next:" & theList.Next
nextOne = CStr(theList.Next)
Debug.Print "nextone second = " & nextOne

Debug.Print "counter = " & counter
If theList.Next = "" Then
Debug.Print "NO value for next"
End If
Set theList = Nothing
Set WebContentFile = Nothing

this only displays one record. If I understand the .pdf file on page 255 section b-9, this should loop through the 'NAV' file and display the contents of the first field in the data. It does display the correct data but only for one record. I need all the contents of the file(there are more records). I can get them manipul;ating the database directly through ED or REVISE, but not through my visual basic program. I am in need of some serious help. Please help me figure this problem out.
Thank you,

Jim Crosby