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    Unanswered: locked DB advice


    I have a bit of a problem and need advice.

    We have a very important database on a network share that is used on a regular basis. The problem is that despite telling users they still leave the DB open when they leave for the day or for lunch etc. The workstation then locks and in turn locks the DB.

    As the data is constantly changing I have a program that backs it up every hour providing it's not in use and then in the evening when everybody has gone home.

    Is there any way I can force the DB to unlock?
    If the DB is locked is it good practice to backup the .ldb. is this as reliable as backing up while the db is not locked?
    Is it possible to close DB if it has not been used for say 10 mins?
    Currently i created a VB app to back up the DB if the .ldb is not present.

    any help will be much appreciated.


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    I've seen somewere in a site, an app that close all connections non-active to the backend.

    There is a thread that contains various links to Access related pages, look there, or search the internet for: "Access add-ins" or something like that.

    I know that is possible, because application close all the front ends to be possible to backup the mdb file without the ldb.

    I never backup the mdb with the ldb, i think you are making a big mistake doing that and you will have problems.

    Have you check if the backup mdb files are working?

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    I think this is the thread Miguel is referring to. Lots of helpful links here.
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