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    Unanswered: Changing extent size of database

    I am working with db2 v7.2 aix 5.2

    I need to change the extent size of production database,
    is it true I have no chose except ,
    1- create new database with proper extent size
    2- Using db2look and db2move for exporting and importing data to new database. is it true?
    If the size of my database was 500 gig what should I do , it will take long 3 days to export/import data.

    please advise

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    Since V7.2 is no longer supported by IBM, sounds like a good time to upgrade to Version 8.

    I assume you mean you want to change the extent size of one or more tablespaces. The database may have a defaut extent size for new tablespaces, but you can override that when you create each tablespace.
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