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    Unanswered: A Question Regarding MSDE Desktop Engine

    Dear all,

    This week I was told to setup MSDE Desktop Engine on my pc bcz my Access back end db is getting bigger in size. And as a little advance step, I decided to put my Access back end on SQL server.

    To be frank, I have no experience with SQL server but after reading the instructions, I have installed MSDE (latest version) on my pc successfully. A small icon of SQL server appeared nearby clock icon of my pc showing the SQL server is running on ASHFAQUEPC.

    I shifted a Trial db onto this server in following way.

    Considering the opened Trial db would be my BE, from the Tools---Database Utility---Upsize wizard, I followed below steps according to Upsize wizard.

    1. I selected ‘Local’ server and check marked to ’Use Trusted Connection’.
    2. And then I selected some tables to export
    3. Kept all default attributes of db as it is
    4. Selected ‘Let the wizard decide’ under data option to include.
    5. At the next step ‘What application change do you want to make?
    a. Create a new Access client/Server application.
    b. Link SQL Server tables to existing application.
    c. No application changes. (I selected this option)

    Then it showed me the report of my db description of changes that were made after deploying it. The report I did not print bcz it was a trial db with one table (2 fields) and a simple query.

    My idea was to connect my Trial BE with another one of another Access mdb file so FE would be Access and BE would be from MSDE.

    1. Now I don’t know how to link my BE to my FE?
    2. From where I can directly see my BE? Because SQL Server Service Manager does
    not have any menu?
    3. Where I was wrong in following steps?

    Guidance in this regards is highly appreciated.

    With kind regards,

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    I got it.

    The tables of db from MSDE2000A I can get connected thru database project file.


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