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    i am using ACCESS 2k and i created a report using MySQL as a backend (via pass-thru query). Everything works ok, but when i try to access the Design View it buzzes me several times to select the DSN source (that is already created).

    So i have to make 10 clicks to open the Design View.

    The same problem is in the report. It asks me (1 time) to select the DSN source.

    Because the people who are going to use this report are novices i need to show them the popup with the report and select the DSN source by default.
    Maybe with a little VBA code i can do this. Please help.


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    can't help you with DSNs - i gave up on them since there were always one of two users who couldn't get the DSN to work.

    i embed the full connection string in the passthru. try it.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    I can't help you on the DSN either (and I use them all day long) ...Where I can perhaps help you out is to describe a different means to getting your data in the report. All of my reports are bound to a template table (temporary table) and as such they do not have any data available to them ... What I do is put ADO code in the report to retrieve the data necessary to generate the report ... Evil eh? You could try the same thing ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    Are you sure you clicked the Save Password box when you linked the tables? - If not, I've had problems similar to this. You can try re-linking the tables and checking this box. Otherwise, are you sure all DSN names are exactly the same for all machines/users? If not, you might also get a similar problem. Another thing to check is what type of authentication you're using (mixed?) As a last thing you can check is to make sure your loginID is in SQL Server itself for permissions. I've had times where I also had to go through each table in SQL Server and put a green check mark on each table across the entire row (for public).
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