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    Angry Unanswered: Records in a subform

    I am using form-subform to enter orders of services and products for clients. On the subform I have combo boxes and some calculated fields, also I use the subform footer to display total amounts. My problem is that if I have more than one record, access places it in a new screen as a record 2 for the specific client. Is there any way to list the second record just under the first one, so I can see then both on the subform. My subform is set as a continues form.

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Records in a subform

    Guess I don't understand. If you have a continuous subform, you should see both (all the records) listed in the subform. In regards to the totals field, couldn't you have your totals field of the subform records on the main form instead of in the subform (if this is what you're refering to as causing the problem?) Again, guess I don't understand the problem. The only time you can't have a continuous form is if it's a sub-subform.
    Another suggestion (but I still don't understand the problem) is you could have a list box on the main form listing the records of the subform.
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