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    Unanswered: Securing SQL Server 2000 database?

    I want to know how I can protect my SQL Server database. SQL Server 2000 does not have Database Encryption feature and using only Authentication is not a fool-proof solution, as far as stand-alone desktop application is concerned.

    Does password protection of SQL Server 2000 database really works when you have all types of cracking tools widely available on the net?

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    It does, to the point, as you have noticed. Look into SQLShield, or possibly other tools. But you need to architect your app in such a way that by the time the data is transmitted over the wire, - there is nothing that can be easily snooped or spoofed. Yukon will be much more sophisticated in that regard, but again, - it's how you architect the whole thing is where lies your answer.
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    You are worried about security on a stand-along desktop SQL Server application? How many people use this desktop?

    You know that no security will compensate for carelessness on the part of your users. Unless you look into some of the biometric security that is available, but that would apply to the desktop rather than specifically to the database.
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