Hi Programmers,
I need some Advice.

I am currently using a ADO database and having my App Copy my server databse evey time it starts up. I have done this so if the system goes off-line the work station will still function.

At the moment ALL my work stations are working Off-line (using the local databases to work from) This is NOT what I really wanted it to do.

What I want it to do is work from the Network. I needed it so when the server database is updated it will reflect it on the Workstations.

I am at the momnet using ADO data controls the problem with this is if more then 1 user is accessing the database the system locks the database and makes the other user searches VERY VERY Slow ( like 5-10 seconds each serach.)

I have deceied to move to the Adodc database system BUT my problem is I have no idea how to seach this type of database.

Can some one please help me. All i need to know is how do i seach this type of database. What code do i need to use?