I'm trying to work out how to use a datacombo control with a datagrid in VB6 so I can edit a field in the datagrid with a choice from the datacombo. When I click in the field, I turn on the column button, then when I click the button I move the datacombo to the field, resize it so it fits, and make it visible. I then want the datacombo to drop down so I can make a selection, and upon releasing the mouse button, have the value from the datacombo copied into the datagrid cell, and make the datacombo invisible. This all seems very clunky but there you are. I've gotten the list into the datacombo and so forth. I'm struggling with the mechanics of dropping down the datacombo (this seems to take 2-3 clicks) when I click the datagrid button and putting the value from the datacombo into the datagrid (I get an err: Method 'Text' of object iDataGrid failed) with the statement: datagrid.Text = datacombo.Text upon leaving the datagrid cell). There must be an easy way to do this. Does anyone know of one?

David Stevens