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    Unanswered: Oracle adm. problem

    Hi !!!
    I'm new to Oracle administration. I have a lot of databases on one box (sunfire 440). And there are many instances. My task is to split these database into 1 database (big database, the idea is to have one database & one instance). How can I do this? Any ideas?

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    Here's what would I do if I had to:
    - create the new database (or, perhaps, use one of existing ones?)
    - perform full export on every instance you have
    - import it into the big database

    This was quite simple ... however, you could meet problems if, for example, different database instances contain schemas with the same name (scott/tiger could be one of them). You could use IGNORE=Y, but this also means you might end up with data you didn't really want to.
    Moreover, you didn't mention DB versions you use - if you have 9i DB and want to import it into 8.1.7, it won't be that easy (I guess you don't want to do that, but ...).
    What about NLS? Do all your existing instances use the same NLS settings? Import might cause problems if they differ.
    I bet there are, as well, other issues one should pay attention to; you'll hear about them from other, more experienced Forum members ...

    But, in a perfect world, you might accomplish your task quite easy.

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