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    Unanswered: logout session

    i did a check for all the pages. whether the user is beinng logged in, if hes not, he will be redirected back to the index.asp page.

    however, after logging out, and when i tried to enter a update profile page, im ABLE to go into that page, but when i submit my data, it redirects back me to the index page. or if i did a refresh on the update profile page, it will then redirect me back to the index page.

    apparantly, the session is not being detected the first time the page is loaded, but its only being read the second time the page is being loaded.

    may i know why is this so ?

    below are my codes ...

    this is the codes for logout.asp

    <%@Language=VBScript %>

    and this is the codes i used to check whether the user is logged in , in every page..

    IF NOT Session ("login") THEN
    session("attemptedpage") = "../user/updateUserForm.asp"
    Session("errorMsg") = "You're not logged in"
    END IF

    and this is the codes in my global.asa

    <script language="vbscript" RUNAT="server">
    Sub Session_OnStart
    session("login") = false
    Session.Timeout = 10
    End Sub

    Sub Session_OnEnd

    End Sub

    Sub Application_OnEnd
    End Sub


    many many thanks in advance ...

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    uh problem's solved. hehehe thanks guys anyway. =D

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