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    Unanswered: dbimport timings

    Does anyone how long it would take to import a 1TB database containing 312000 tables, with 570000 indexes containing 710000000 rows using an 8 way pSeries 570 with AIX 5.2?, or are there any benchmark sites that give this info?

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    Sorry but it is difficult (if not impossible) to give estimates on this kind of questions. But is is well-known that the dbimport tool is not the best scalable tool there is. Normally I would remove the indexes etc. from the import file and run them seperately afterwards using PDQ.

    I think it is wise to tune your onconfig for this specific task. I can tell you it will take quite some time.

    Again sorry for the non-complete answer!!



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    Not the type of thing you do with dbimport since the process is serial and the only time multiple CPU's would come into play would be when the indexes get created.

    With something of this size you need to look at some custom procedures and involve the HPL running at least as many streams as you have CPU's on the box.
    Fred Prose

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