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    Unanswered: Search box?

    Can somebody help me?
    Am facing with the problem that has to do filtering!
    I have the form with a List box that contains one column (Id number) and sub form beneath that shows all records referring to the selected Id number Selected in the List box above.
    I’m trying to create some sort of text box that on type will filter the info in the list box that matches and will function only while am typing info (not on click or something else).
    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not quite sure it I understand what you want is there anyway you can explain this a bit better?

    At a guess I would say that you want something with a final result saying the show all information in the table where (something) = your text box.

    Further to that, I'm not quite sure that you would be able to get something that would update as you are typing; unless of course you changed your list box to a combo box and as you type it would guess at what you were writing by selecting a value from the list

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    I think you’ r right I’v solved this issue with combo box.. Thanks.

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