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    I need your help.
    I have created a simple database in Access which accepts students' records including fees. I have 2 tables: one for the students records and the other for the fees.

    My problem is what must I do so that if a continuous student pays a fee for the sencod year, I will be able to create a report so that the new fee would reflect on the report? I want something like this:

    Total fee: 1,000.00
    Total payment: 900.00
    Balance: 100.00

    Current Fee: 1,100.00

    Total Balance: 1,200.00


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    Best bet would be to produce a query I think.

    Group By the student name.

    Then something like ...

    Fees to date: sum([Fees])

    Payments to Date: Sum([Payments])

    Outstanding: [Fees to date] - [Payments to date])

    It's quick and simple and you'll need to change the field names based on your table, but it should work!

    Hope it helps.

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