A developer notice that one of his jobs did not kick-off so he decided to stop and restart sqlagent. When he tried to restart it error 1053 came about.

I am trying to reseach this issue.

Microsoft states

The SQLServerAgent service startup account may not have the correct permissions to use the registry.

In this case, make sure that MSSQLSERVER, SQL Server Agent, and Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) startup accounts have full control to the following keys in the registry:

How do I verify if it have the correct permission, I don't ever mess with the registry, so I don't know a thing about it.

also Microsoft states:
Some executable .dll files may be corrupted or damaged.

In this case, try starting SQL Server Agent from the command prompt by running the following command:

Default Instancesqlagent -c -v
Named Instancesqlagent -i[Instance Name] -c -v
If you receive the following error message
execution can't continue as the language resource file sqlagent.rll could not be loaded
replace the SQLAgent.dll and SQLAgent.rll files with different copies of these files (SQLAgent.dll and SQLAgent.rll).

I have no idea what is the correct syntax:

C:\Program Files\SQL Server\MSSQL\BINN>sqlagent -c -v

Is this the correct way???

Microsoft also states:

The SQLServerAgent service startup account may not have the correct permissions on the folder that contains SQLAgent.out files.

In this case, make sure that the specified SQLServerAgent service account has full control permissions to the folder in which the SQLAgent.out, SQLAgent.1, SQLAgent.2, and other SQL Server files are located. These files are typically stored in the LOG folder, which is in the SQL Server installation path.
The SQL Server Agent error log may include a path or a file name that is not correct.

In this case, verify that the path and file name for SQLAgent.out is valid:1. In SQL Server Enterprise Manager, expand the Management folder.
2. Right-click SQL Server Agent, and then click Properties.
3. Under Error Log, make sure that the path that is specified next to File Name is valid.
4. Make sure that the file name is SQLAGENT.out.

My question is have any one come across this issue and was able to get it fix?

Also would rebooting the server get rid of my problem?

Thanks for any reply.