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    Unanswered: Pervasive for Data Warehousing

    Good Day,

    We are using Pervasive in a number of sites. It is supplied as part of the application we use at those sites, and the database at each site ranges from relatively small to medium sized (from about 100 000 to about 5 million records). The platform the DB runs on is Novell.

    We are going to set up a data warehouse and extract all the data from the sites into this database. The software vendor has to write the extracts from the application. They are strongly suggesting we use Pervasive SQL as our database engine for the warehouse. As most of my experience has been on MS SQL Server, I am a bit sceptical and reluctant to base an enterprise class database on Pervasive.

    Does anyone have any comments or advice, or has anyone attempted such a project?



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    Which database engine you use is very dependant on the project. What exactly are you trying to do with the data wharehouse? How many records will it have? Will it have it's own server? How do you want to access it?
    Those are all questions you'll need to answer.
    I haven't seen anything specifically like what you are asking but I know that Pervasive is comfortable with data and a few thousand concurrent users. I've seen data files that grow to 64GB in a little of four months that Pervasive doesn't have a problem with. I've seen batch jobs that access the database for 5 days straight without a hiccup..
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