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    Cool Unanswered: Timestamp returned in Epoch Milliseconds

    Hello all...

    Quick question. I've done a bit of reading and know that the newer versions of Oracle have millisecond accuracy with the timestamp and sysdate functions. My questions can I return this as an Epoch value? For instance, I run a Stored Procedure that gives me millisecond accuracy....2/20/2005 17:45:45. Fantastic. do I turn this into a value such as 1108962494094? For those Java programmers out there....I'm trying to use the java.sql.Date(long l) constructor and setTime(long l) methods.

    Thoughts? I googled like crazy, but couldn't find anything good.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    EPOCH time started at 00:00 GMT 1-Jan-1970 & counts in 1 second increments.

    It appears you need some basic Google training, basic arithmetic training.

    Start with an Oracle Date/time value greater than the Epoch base above.
    Calculate the number of days between Epoch & Oracle's date = num_days.
    Num_days*(24*60*60) = num_seconds
    Num_seconds + seconds since midnight today = epoch value for Oracle's date/time.
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