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    Unanswered: Split dynamic table

    I've been searching for a solution for this problem for more then a week now, and it's deadline is tomorrow, now I got some hints but the problem that I'm still learning ASP, so if any body could give me detailed answer for this it would be most appreciated, and believe me, I've been searching and trying for the last week.

    The problem is that we import information from an Oracle DB and the output comes on an ASP page as table, but because the information is too much (and it's important that all the information is displayed), the table seems endless, what I want to do is to get a code that splits the table's rows, 20 rows on the 1st page then the code split the table, generate a Next>>,<<Back links, creates a new page, put the next 20 rows in it, generate a next, back links, .. and so on till the data ends. Now regardless to any other usability options, this is what they wanna do.

    So can some body help me on that with detailed answer please, I really tried every thing and search it out really good, but it's kind of hard when you still in the learning process.

    Thanx in advanced.

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    Sadly I don't know Oracle at all but hopefully this hint will help you. In MS SQL server you can do Paging which you can set the size of the page(for you example 20 rows) and what page you want(Page 1, 2, 3 etc.) Here is a link about it in asp:

    I honestly do not know if that is possible with Oracle but maybe it will help point you in the right direction.

    Good Luck

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    Database Paging
    Uses PageSize method of recordset.

    Paging Records with GetRows by Mukul Sabharwal - 7/5/2000
    Uses GetRows.

    Displaying a certain # of records on each webpage Paging
    Uses PageSize method of recordset.

    Recordset Paging with ADO 2.0 by Michael Qualls
    Uses PageSize method of recordset.
    Longer with more comments.
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