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    Unanswered: Run-time error 3155 ODBC insert on linked table '???' failed

    I have been using a SQL database with a VB5 frontend for about 5 years.
    Works well. Unfortunately I don't have access to the source code.

    I was tasked with implementing a "job entry" application that will allow a
    restricted list of users to enter jobs in the database. We do not want
    these users to be able to access all the data.

    I created an application in Access 2002 that performs this function
    seemingly quite well. However we now seem to intermittently get a hard
    crash and the error Run-time error 3155 ODBC insert on linked table failed
    when attempting to insert data into a specific table through the VB 5
    frontend. This only happens with certain records. It seems to initiate
    randomly but once it is there it sticks to that record.

    Interesting enough I am doing nothing to that table in Access.I'm not even
    linked to it. I am updating a table that this table references when it
    loads the initial information.

    For examople in the Access application
    I create a job in the tblJobs
    I create a record for each sample in tblSamples depending on the quantity
    specified in tblJobs. Thats all.

    In the VB5 app you enter a form that contains a list of steps for each
    sample. I'l callthis tblSteps.
    Example sample #1 was washed 1/1/2005,
    dried 1/2/2005
    You get the picture.

    If you enter the form and there are no steps assigned to the sample. This
    occurs only after initial creation. A default list of steps is loaded for
    that sample. Sometimes there is no problem. Other times during this action
    the dreaded Run-time error 3155 ODBC insert on linked table '???' failed.

    The VB5 app may be looking at tblSamples during this time but I'm not sure.
    I think VB5 still uses a Jet engine. Otherwise, I don't understand the
    linked table error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think the primary key or the index field value on the detail table are not exist on master table. thats probably.


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    Thanks, but I'm pretty sure the primary key is there. The issue seems to be intermittent. Is it possible that network sluggishness could cause such an issue? Anyone?

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