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    Unanswered: Standby Database (QUICK QUESTION!!!)

    Hi folks,

    May I set more than one path to the standby_archive_dest parameter in my Standby Database?
    My current value is: /backup/SPCAP/arch/
    I want to change it to: 'arch1/SPCAP,arch2/SPCAP,arch3/SPCAP'
    Reason: I have 3 primary instances in a RAC.
    Their archives are always stored in first destination ('arch1/SPCAP','arch2/SPCAP' OR 'arch3/SPCAP') depending on the instance (1,2or3).
    The archiving never fails in first destination.
    The archiving sometimes fail to send the archives to the second destination (/backup/SPCAP/arch) wich is general and must have all the archives generated by the 3 instances... This is the destination wich my standby database uses to copy the production archives....
    So, does someone know how I can set 3 paths to standby_archive_dest? So I would solve the problems I'm having to recover standby database...

    Thank you in advance.....

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    Did you try setting LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_3='LOCATION=..etc..arch3/SPCAP'?
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