It's my first time that I installe FM on a server.
I have installed it on a windows 2003.

I try to enable the directory service but that doesn't work.
it was write on the event viewer :
id 27
Registration with directory service failed. (Server Down)
the server was up, that's not the problem.

In the beginning it was write
id 27
Registration with directory service failed. (Invalid DN Syntax)

but I have search and I think I use a good syntax because the message
have change. (I have write
CN=arnold,OU=OU DC,OU=OU srv,OU=OU Materiel,DC=socrate,DC=zone,DC=com
and the dns name is
for the distinghed name and the directory server name, that's was the
same? or it's different? and where I can find it

but I have other thing to do on the server?
somebody have the same error?
I have to open some port?
my server was up and think it's a problem of communication with my
server and the DC.

Thanks and sorry for my english