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    Unanswered: Subforms are my BANE

    Hey all, I am designing a database, each record has a sub form. My problem is that of importing data to this particular subform. Specifically- the mortage program that i am using to import data from only exports into CSV. So i can import the csv file into the proper fields of the SUBFORM or the form, but not both.

    What it comes down to is this, unless I find a way to import data from a source to a form and its subform- per record (customer) i have to enter these things by hand- every month.

    I understand ACCESS for the most part, but dont understand how one could do this without a heavy amount of VB scripting. Something of which i know nothing about. It would have to let me pick which pieces of data goto the main form (or table) and which would goto another linked (sub)form....

    If i made any sense id appreciate some help, Id have reconsidered my model if i could find a decent replacement- but i cant really find a suitable candidate....



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    Is the data you're importing going to different tables or one table?

    You mentioned that you wanted to import data to different subforms are these subforms representative of different tables or are they based on one table but the data to them is supplied through an updateable or viewable recordset?


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