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    Unanswered: mysql vs file read - which is faster?


    I need to include some data to every page on my server. Every page would have to load data which is designed peculiarly for that page. It's plain text so i dont need database functionality. My problem is performance. I have 500k+ visits daily, which method would offer better performance: loading data from plain txt file or using database? I have googled on this, but didnt get any information that would answer my question. Anybody here have some experience in that case, or mayby some usefull links to benchmarks?

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    Your stuck just like me, I am developing a forum software and have no idea how to load the language files and things like censored words, settings, etc. It's too small for db, but too much for reading a file on every page. I hear ya.

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    Try using some combincation of data caching, component caching, and/or page caching.

    I use data caching all the time with ASP.NET, useful for saving data objects (tables, arrays) instead of generating them from scratch from XML every single time. Not sure how/if that's implemented in PHP or other languages. For page caching, if you're using PHP check out one of the many available cache extensions:

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