My problem is with the mail merg....... I'm trying to do it in access.....the labels mail merge work fine but I'm having trouble with the mail merge letter.

As you will want to change the content of the letters, I've made a table and form for the letters and a qry for the name of the letter you want to partly works, but the parameter asks for title twice and when you view the letter and want to go to the next letter it again asks for title twice ?????????? on good if there are hundreds of records!

The rpt is based on a I needed to trim and concatinate the names for the letter, then I made a qryLetterText to choose the letter you want and the subform in the mail merge letter is based on that.

All the info is there and it will print out, it just keeps asking for "title" of the letter over and over again

Any ideas would be appreciated

Cheers Trudy