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    Unanswered: Update Cfg

    I am using UDB DB2 ver 7.2 for Windows 2000. I have a few databases in my instances (say db1, db2,db3).
    lets say I want to resize the log file for db1, so I say
    update db cfg for db1 using logfilsiz 1000
    now for the new logsiz value to take effect, i used the following command
    db2stop force

    the problem with this approach is that all connections to db2 and db3 are impacted as well.
    Is there a cleaner way to doing this, esp when there are connections to other databases ?


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    No guarantees, but...

    Try disconnecting all applications to the one database (not stopping the entire instance). This should deactivate the database. If you explicitly activated the database, then you will need to explicitly deactivate it (Command Reference). When the first connection is made to the database it will be activated, and the new log file size should take effect.
    M. A. Feldman
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