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    Unanswered: Ingres Invalid API Handle Error

    Hi Guys,

    I am running Ingres Net (version 2.6 SP2) on a Windows Server 2003 box with ODBC Driver version and am having some problems with stability.

    Essentially the problem is that I get a random Ingres ODBC error
    ERROR [HY000] [CA][Ingres ODBC Driver]Ingres API invalid handle error

    We tried to fix the problem by turning connection pooling off however, we continued to get errors of a different kind
    ERROR [HY000] [CA][Ingres ODBC Driver]Ingres API failure probably to due to transaction already abnormally terminated

    The application that is now running on the server runs fine on a Windows Server 2000 box.

    I cant seem to find a way to reproduce the problem as it seems totally random, and the only way that we've found to fix the problem is to either restart Ingres or kill the worker process.

    Has anyone out there had any problems trying to run Ingres on a Windows Server 2003 box

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    Same problem

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I know this question was asked a while back, but I'm getting the same Invalid API Handle Error which happens randomly during my application and causes it to crash. Has anyone found out why this happens and how to work around it?



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    Ingres ODBC Driver - Invalid API Handle

    I've encountered this error when using earlier versions of Ingres ODBC driver. To solve this particular problem I installed CA ODBC patch 10530 (driver version This introduced another problem when dealing with LONG fields greater than 4KB in size. I overcame this by installing CA patch 11315.

    I'm currently using Ingres ODBC version (installed by CA Patch 11655).

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    Hi there

    Did you ever find a solution to the problem reported as
    "ERROR [HY000] [CA][Ingres ODBC Driver]Ingres API failure probably to due to transaction already abnormally terminated."


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