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    Unanswered: problem with templates

    Hello, I need to help.

    I have installed a oracle in a machine and I have configurated the database, I have a custumize database. After, I have generated a template. The template have two xml file , they are
    template1.dfj and template1.dbc, and I want to wear this datadase to other machine.

    In other distint machine, I have installed oracle , ONLY SOFTWARE. After this, I have copied the template
    template1.dfj and template1.dbc in this machine in
    the path oracle_home/assistants\dbca\templates.
    I setup the DBCA, and I want to create a new database with the template template1. The template template1 appear in the screen. But when I go to end the process of creation, the botton finnish doen´t go and the database doesn´t create.
    That I am doing badly?
    Can anybody help me , please?

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    Did you try to install a database with dbca but without the template. Maybe the problem is not the template but the creation process?

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    problem with templates

    I have installed a database with dbac but without templates. it is good.
    After this I have created other template, as the database I have created, and I probe to create a new database with this template, but I can´t .

    Any idea?
    Thanks a lot.

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