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    Unanswered: Pervasive.SQL 2000i SP4 --> SQL Server

    I know there are other threads with the same issues but has anyone come to a solution? I have a System DSN set up called "Lytec" and the connection is good:

    -Pervasive ODBC Client DSN----------------
    Data Source Name: Lytec
    Description: Pervasive ODBC Client Interface

    Transport Hint: Try TCPIP Only

    Data Source Name: DEMODATA

    From here I tryed allsorts of stuff in SQL SERVER 2000 to link the server but nothing worked. I need direction. Has anyone successfully linked a Pervasive.SQL 2000i database to SQL Server 2000? PLEASE HELP!!!

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    I assume you mean add a Pervasive ODBC as a linked server to Sql Server.

    First off, you DO NOT NEED to have a linked server to query the Hence db from the Query Analyser. Assuming your DSN is set up on your Sql Server box, you can run something like:

    select *
    from openrowset('MSDASQL','DSN=LyTec','
    select * from "order db" where ordernbr=''000004107050045857028''
    This has been the preferred way.

    In case you still want to add a linked server , here are the steps I've found that work:

    1. Open Enterprise Manager
    2. Expand to Securty->Linked Servers
    3. Right click 'Linked Servers' and choose 'New Linked Server'
    4. Type in "LyTec" for the name
    5. Choose 'Microsoft OLEDB Provider for ODBC Drivers'
    6. Type in "LyTec" for the 'Data source'
    7. Hit [Ok].

    You should now be able to expand 'LyTec' under the linked servers list.

    To query it in Query Analyser, you would run something like:

    select top 10 * from LyTec.PervasveDbName.."order db"
    Note the two periods, since I doubt you use user owned objects in Pervasive.

    Hope this helps,

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